YCP Membership


YCP Membership: What’s it all about?


Hello there and welcome!


If you’ve been following YCP Austin’s Social Media feed and website the last few months, you may have noticed that there is something called “YCP Membership” launching soon. It’s an exciting time for the Austin Chapter of our organization because we are preparing to launch the 2nd phase of our chapter: Membership!


What is Membership you ask? Well, YCP Austin has been hosting many events that you have probably come to in the last few years after our initial launch. We’ve hosted happy hours, our Executive Speaker series, put on our St. Joseph Retreats, among other events. However, that’s only the start of the full YCP experience. Our team has been working hard these last few months to prepare for our membership launch that will add even more content to our already (awesome!) calendar.


For example, in additional to the abovementioned events that will always remain free, YCP Members gain access to special benefits that are provided by the national organization and the local chapter. National benefits that are already available now include: Annual Membership, Conference Access, Life Coaching, Free YCP T-Shirt & Store Discounts, National Member Directory, a Job Portal, a Exclusive Partner Discounts. Local benefits that will launch later include: Executive Panel Discussions, Career Counseling, Executive Mentorship, connections to Spiritual Directors, Service Projects, Small Groups (pending interest), and other Special Social Events. 


You can learn more about what these individual benefits are at this link (video) and this link (one-pager).


Having said all that, you may be wondering: what does this all cost? $150 a year or $12.50 a month. Suffice to say, the market value for all these benefits is over $600. An important caveat: all our free events will always remain free. You will be able to come to ESS’s, retreats, and HHs as you always have to see your friends, be nourished, and grow in your faith. Yet, if you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to dive deeper into your Catholic faith, then you should seriously consider joining YCP Membership.


YCP Membership is a powerful way to integrate your faith, find fellowship, and receive professional formation. It will official launch in April at our next Executive Speaker Series (with First Lady Cecilia Abbott). However, if your interest has been piqued and you want to sign up now go to this link. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at rachana.chhin@ycpaustin.org if you have any questions or need anything regarding YCP membership. I am here to make your YCP experience the best it can be!


In Christ, 


Rachana Chhin | Austin Chapter, VP & Director of Membership